Our commitment to families

Families who have financial worries or health problems also need rest and a break from everyday life. Two funds allow families to stay at our hotel at a reduced rate or free of charge.

Pro Juventute and Chesa Spuondas

In 1963, Pro Juventute was presented with this private home in St. Moritz. The lady who bequeathed the house wanted it to be opened up to mothers, single parents and families in need of a rest, to allow them to have affordable holidays away from their everyday lives.

Since then, the historic Engadine Art Nouveau villa has been run as a hotel by Pro Juventute and is open to families and all guests looking for that special hotel experience.

The story of the house on the hill

Chesa Spuondas (Romanesque for house on a hill) has already experienced a lot. Like someone who has travelled far. It learns about life and the world through the people who come in and out of it. The walls can hear and the windows can see. The house keeps memories and stories and the laughter of children. It breathes and thinks, it can be happy and sometimes quite angry. Every now and then it wishes it could speak. Then it waits until someone comes who understands its language.

Such a gift!

It could have been like that ...
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The Pro Juventute Foundation

Pro Juventute is the largest children’s and youth organisation in Switzerland. Their role is to listen to children’s and young people’s concerns, support their goals and advise them on troubles and needs. With the diverse programmes and services that Pro Juventute provides for children and young people, it is pursuing the following vision: to enable every child in Switzerland to have a fulfilling childhood and grow up in a self-determined, responsible manner.

With your donation, you help to ensure that Pro Juventute can assist children and young people in Switzerland. Thank you very much.

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