An unusual gift for Pro Juventute

Pro Juventute is the largest children's and youth organization in Switzerland and therefore the first point of contact when it comes to children's and youth issues.

Under the title «Empowerment» Pro Juventute offers services which help to  strengthen and empower children and young people, allowing them to grow up to be responsible individuals. Pro Juventute is known, amongst other things, for the children's emergency phone number Counselling + Help 147, the Holiday Pass and the Letters to Parents.

The foundation has existed since 1912, is private, politically independent and has no religious affiliations. In pursuance of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the foundation is committed to meeting the needs and implementing the rights of children and young people in Switzerland. Each year, more than 300,000 children and young people and around 100,000 parents benefit from the various services offered in Switzerland.

Chesa Spuondas was bequeathed to Pro Juventute. Today, the hotel allows us to provide parents with children with affordable and family-friendly holidays, in accordance with the wishes of the lady who made the bequest.

Stiftung Pro Juventute
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