Small comforts – huge effects

We know what is important to parents, and have tailored our service and infrastructure to meet these needs. Often it is just the little details which parents and grandparents need to enjoy a relaxing holiday:

  • A guest fridge and a microwave are available day and night, allowing you to prepare bottles and purées for your baby or toddler at any time.
  • We provide a wide range of picture books, books to read aloud and board games to help you while away the hours. 
  • Thanks to our spacious common rooms, families can also spend quality time together outside the bedroom: more quietly in the library and lounge or, for those wanting more lively pursuits, in the playroom and playing billiards and table tennis.
  • A bonus for everyone: children are always served first with a menu which has been slightly adapted for them. They prefer to spend the time between the main course and dessert in the playroom or reading in the library rather than waiting at the table. This suits everyone: the children are happy and so are the adults. The adults can then dine in peace and quiet and enjoy relaxed conversations.

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